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Terms such as Real Dealers or Live Dealers in Online Casinos can cause mixed reactions from people who are far from online gambling. I agree that these phrases look strange, but if you just delve into the gaming environment and visit a dozen gaming sites, you can understand that these are not joking expressions.

Millions of users visit best online casino sites every day to play their favorite games and regardless of whether it is poker or a simple video slot game, online casinos try to provide them with every game in the best, most comfortable way. There are many reasons for the popularity of these sites, but the main one is that they provide a comfortable and safe environment to play .

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After the casino was banned in 2020 at some regions in india, most Indian players found an alternative on the Internet, however, computer graphics, no matter how great they are, cannot replace a live dealer, and realism, coupled with an abundance of games, is one of the main components of any Internet casino.

The randomness of the results of all games in online casinos is provided by RNG (Random Number Generator), also software from well-known manufacturers of gaming software is able to guarantee the elimination of almost any errors in the game process, but, nevertheless, players who have recently switched from real casinos to virtual are keenly aware of the lack of live dealers…

But the online casino industry does not stand still, and competitors are trying to introduce more and more additional innovations into their software, so that the player does not leave to play in third-party casinos. Therefore, at the moment, the distribution of live casino dealers is becoming widespread.

A live dealer at any time can enter into communication with the players, which fills the game with exciting sensations and gives it a lot of even greater realism. Unfortunately, not all casinos can boast of such an opportunity, but they are still taking the first steps towards implementing this idea.

Basically, live dealers are found in games such as Roulette and Blackjack, so their popularity is very high compared to other games. The game is played through the use of webcams, giving the phrase “real-time play” a new meaning.

Everything would be good, but, in practice, there are no such casinos that provide games with a live dealer to players on “Fans” (for players’ interest). This is due to the fact that hiring live dealers costs a lot of money, and players on “fans”, as you know, do not bring any income.

From a commercial point of view, this is the right decision, because, as they say, a large audience will want to play “for free”, and even with a Live Dealer, but if you look from the other side, until the player on “Fans” tries this option on himself, he is unlikely to switch to playing for real money. The casino administration apparently knows better…

Some of the players were not able, and many still cannot, use the services of live dealers only for the reason that this was hampered by the low speed of the Internet connection (GPRS, Dial-Up and etc.).

I am glad that Internet technologies are improving every day, the connection speed is increasing and the prices for traffic are falling. If you are not yet lucky enough to play with Live Dealers, then you can correct this situation in the Luckyraja online casino in the Live Casino section