Regular Video Slots Versus Progressive Jackpot Mobile Slot Tiles

Joining up to online casinos opens up worlds of adventure which are not only highly entertaining but opportunities to cash in on some exciting jackpots. But where d you start on an online casino?

Slots on exciting sites like xo slot fall in to one of two categories of regular and jackpot slots. But those new to the scene may remark that even regular slots have jackpots, so why aren’t all online casino slots considered to be jackpot slots?

Regular or non-progressive slots

The standard type of slots found on online casinos differ largely to big jackpot machines as they have a fixed jackpot. Regardless of how many times it is won during a single day the jackpot always remains the same.

The jackpots on regular video slots also happen to be a lot lower than jackpots on the bigger progressive jackpot. However, chances of actually winning the jackpot on games like Money Bang Bang and Safari Life will be higher.

Progressive jackpots

Jackpot slots are more commonly known as progressive jackpots and will always have the word progressive somewhere in the name of the actual slot machine, such as Captain’s Treasure Progressive.

Unlike the smaller fixed jackpots found on the lower threshold regular slot games, progressive jackpots keep ticking onwards until the jackpot is won by one of the players. After each spin the jackpot continues to grow.

However, the building of the jackpot is not down to one player, but instead all the individual players who may be playing the game on any casino linked up to the same game. Meaning the progressive jackpot is potentially worth a small fortune.

Once the jackpot is won, the jackpot prize returns back to its original seed amount, ready to start growing again.

As well as the popular Silver Bullet Progressive, some of the most well known progressive jackpot slots come from established slot game developer Playtech.

Choosing your games

Picking out your go to slot games on an online casino can be a job in itself with so many exciting games, themes and jackpots staring you in the face.

So how do you decide which game to give a try? This largely depends on how much you are trying to win out of your online gaming experience. If you’re in it to win it then the big progressive jackpot games may be more appealing to you.

But if you’re looking for a short but sweet injection of money then a regular slot game could be the better choice.

Again, as well as considering the amount of winnings being showcased on each slot game, the wagers should also be looked at to make sure there’s enough gameplay for your budget.

Gaming on online casinos should always be fun and never dip in to those important funds which keep your family fed.

Routes to success

How likely it is that you’re going to win on a video slot or progressive jackpot game can largely depend on more factors including the RTP. Return to player is always displayed on a video slot of any description to tell the player how much of the funds are returned to the players and how much is kept for profits.

Many online casino games have an RTP of over 90% and are sometimes as good as 97%.

Although the amount being paid to players may be good, some slots may be harder to beat than others. Progressive jackpots are well known for being more difficult to beat, hence why the jackpots get built so high.

In order to win the jackpots, one of many different triggers need to be activated, such as lining up five of one symbol, spinning a bonus wheel or even winning an instant win. Getting money back from a video slot comes in all shapes and sizes.

After looking in to both types of video slots, making an informed decision may still be tricky, so why not give one of each a try. Remember to watch the wagers to keep yourself on budget and do a little homework to see when jackpots were last won.

Above all, have fun and enjoy playing video slots.