What You Need to Know Before Playing Ultimate X Poker ?

So, you are considering whether you should play Ultimate X Poker on the Lucky7bonus Canada website or not and what to expect. Or maybe you’re one of the members of the team that is wondering how people feel about Ultimate X Poker. Well, this piece is an unbiased review for you all to learn everything you need to know.

Visuals and Gameplay

The visuals of the page are nice. The loadout and setup of the game are visually stimulating. In addition to this, the variety of alternatives are compelling. The gameplay, on the other hand, could be better.
Also, there is no sound. As humans, we relate to the internet via sight, sound, and sometimes touch (vibrations). Although it is visually stimulating, there should be a nice adaptive tune to the games.

Mobile Optimization

When you play Ultimate X Poker on a mobile device, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is that this game is not suited to mobile phones. This is even though a large proportion of online casino games are played with mobile phones. The makers of this game should improve the mobile web version.


The layout of the webpage does not give clear instructions about the gameplay. This is not necessarily good because the games are quite different and complex than other contemporary poker games.
Instead of the current layout, it would help if there were rules of the game and tip prompts at the forefront of the webpage. This will help new players to understand the game before playing.
However, the option to skip this instructional prompt should be available, especially when the prompts are pop-ups. Another excellent way to add instructions is through animations.


The rating should not be at the top. People mistakenly rate the game as they scroll through the webpage on their touchscreens. A rating popup should appear after the game is played for an unbiased opinion of how players feel about it and to avoid accidental ratings. The rating link can also be placed at the base of the rating.
On a scale of 1 to 10, Ultimate X Poker gets a six. There are a lot of improvements that can be made but you can still enjoy a satisfying experience.